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About Us
Sino-Canadian Lawyers
Our clients are international corporations in mining, construction, trading, and investment. We provide sound legal advice for companies to minimize their legal risks.
We serve as external in-house legal counsel to many Asian companies in Canada.  We provide legal advice to Canadian companies going into Hong Kong and China.

For more than 10 years, we have respesented large US, Canadian and British companies in Hong Kong and China. Over the last 3 years, we are in Canada helping Asian companies in coming to Canada. 
We understand asian clients. Our core team of legal advisors are equipped with asian literacy skills to understand both asian and Canadian cultures. You will receive premium quality legal services. Our legal advisors are highly qualified Canadian, Hong Kong, UK and Chinese lawyers with international legal and commercial experience. Our services are tailored to assist you to achieve your desired outcomes.
Canadian Bar Association,   Law Society of British Columbia,  - Law Society of England & Wales,  - Law Society of Hong Kong
-  LLB and PCLL and LLM in Chinese law (Distinction).

Lawyer for British Paralympics Association (2008)
Part of a team of lawyers for British Paralympics Association in ensuring their compliance with Chinese laws and regulations in relation to their participation in 2008 Beijing Paralympic world event.

Lawyer for Rural Impact Professionals (2008 to 2011)
Part of a team of professionals  for the rural regions of China to ensure Rural Impact Professionals in having sufficient trademark protection in Hong Kong and China, and  in providing legal advise for any legal issues in their operations. 

Business Lawyer  - (US / British Law firm 2005 - 2010)
Handle both contentious and non-contentious international commercial and corporate matters including intellectual property matters. Some of the notable cases included Apple Inc., Qualcomm Inc., and Invista Inc.. I worked in both Hong Kong and Beijing China.

Business Lawyer  - (USA / Germany listed Company) (2011 - 2012)
Overseeing all business contracts protecting the Company's intellectual property rights, assisting in fund raising and corporate restructuring, sale and acquisition of intellectual property rights, and other legal issues in the daily operation.

Business Lawyer  - (B.C. Canada) (2014 - Now)
Overseeing all business contracts, commercial matters and corporate restructuring.

Notable Projects
  1. Initial Public Offering for a Chinese company being listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (H Shares). 
  2. Part of a team of lawyers working on a US$65 million transactions serving the borrower on the legal documentation in raising the funds for the construction of infrastructural set-up of a large commercial and residential complex in Shanghai, China.