Venture Code
Law Corporation
同 进 律 師 事 務 所
Practice Areas :
Business Law - for new start ups, growing business, established organization or an entrepreneur with big ventures.​​

Immigration Law - for poeple with Immigration issues or unfamiliar situations to assess how to move forward.

Commercial - for people needing to do business mergers and acqusitions.

Intellectual Property Law-  for people needing to protect their rights and protections  of intellectual property basing on patent, trademark and copyright laws.
Doing Business in China :
Civil Law versus Common Law - Civil law does not  consider past legal precedents or judicial rulings. Instead civil law uses codified statutes and ordinances to rule the land.

Hong Kong as a Business Gateway into China - Availability of quality legal services is an important factor for corporations to use Hong Kong as a regional center.

Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement - Intellectual property (IP)  and IP enforcement is a longstanding, critical concern for companies operating in China.  

Contract Enforecement in China - When negotiating and enforcing contracts in China it is important to bear in mind that it was not until recent years that China did not have private companies.